Tablet – Capsule Elevator Feeder CVC 1101C


Tablet – Capsule Elevator Feeder

The CVC 1101C pre-feeding systems is pharmaceutical grade low profile tablet pre- feeders, designed with a streamline easy-to-clean hopper, that would accommodate both tablets and capsules. The system is a compactly designed with hopper bin lifting system to automatically elevate and deliver tablets or capsules from floor level to the hopper of the counter. The CVC 1101C is primarily used with single counting system configurations.


  • On/off is automatically triggered.
  • Timer for tablet/capsule feeding time control.
  • Accompany with lower vacuum dust extraction port, dust accumulation is minimized.
  • Height adjustment is electrically controlled with auto lock; hopper is hooked when power cuts.
  • All contact parts are made of SS316.
  • Full cGMP compliance.
CVC 1101C Technical Specifications
Hopper Capacity 2.5 cu. ft. (70L)
Power source 220V, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
Power Consumption 750 Watts (3.4 Amps at 220V)
Consumption Machine Dimensions 1210mm x 912mm x 2743mm (L x W x H)

CVC Technologies was founded in 1979, CVC has been committed to a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging equipment. Such as capsules and tablets counting machine, liquid filling machine, powder filling machine, bottle unscrambler, air washing machine, labeling machine, cotton inserter, desiccant inserter, aluminum foil sealing machine, etc.,

Quality, value and service are the corporate philosophy. Providing excellent equipment and technical services, maximizing customer productivity, reducing operating costs and ensuring quality.


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