Chuck Capper CVC 3034-2

The compact-designed Chuck Capper CVC 3034-2 Chuck Capping System provides excellent capping performance with maximum output of 60 BPM(bottles per min.).


Chuck Capper

The compact-designed Chuck Capper CVC 3034-2 Chuck Capping System provides excellent capping performance with maximum output of 60 BPM(bottles per min.). The machine is great to integrate with a variety of bottle packaging lines.

CVC Servo Chuck Capping System is available for the following types of capping applications:

  • Plastic Screw-on caps
  • Snap-on caps
  • Aluminum ROPP caps
  • Push-in stoppers, and plugs
  • Pumps and triggers


  • Production Output is up to 60 bottles per min. (Actual output will be depending on customer’s and caps. Our factory evaluation is required.)
  • 2 Servo Driven Capping Heads.
  • Table top design features ease of machine cleanup and operator’s access.
  • Stainless steel construction, meeting GMP regulations.
  • Servo motor driven system is applied for consistent torque application.
  • Siemens PLC and 7” Touch Screen Panel HMI.
  • Up to 50 Recipes which allow operator to perform quick storage and recall of counting job memory.
  • Main Drive System is servo motor driven.
  • Capping head up/down and rotation are driven by advanced servo motors, which feature precise capping control.
  • Capping torque inspection system.
  • CE standard PC safety guard.
  • Type 304 stainless steel bin, frame, enclosure panels.
  • ISO 9001 : 2015 certified.


  • 21CFR Part 11 compliance
  • OPC UA for data collection
  • Cap Prefeeder (Cap Stock Elevator/Hopper)
  • Fallen bottle detection
  • Bottle & cap detection system is used for foil liner and crooked caps detection.
  • Rejection system is in conjunction with verification devices to removing unqualified containers: cocked caps, missing foil liners, low capping torque level (if capping torque is lower than set torque)
  • Rejection verification check
  • Bottle format changeover parts
  • Cap format changeover parts
  • Type 316L stainless steel contact parts.
CVC 3034-2 Technical Specifications
Max. Productivity Up to 60 Bottles per Minute(BPM) based on 100ml
(subject to trial confirmation) round bottle
Applicable Bottle Cap: CRC, CT
For press-on caps, please consult with CVC Engineering team
Bottle: Plastic bottle, Glass bottle
For irregular shaped bottles, please consult with CVC Engineering team.
Applicable Size Bottle Dia.: Ø30 mm – Ø110 mm
Bottle Height: 50 mm – 220 mm
Cap Dia.: Ø30 mm – Ø60 mm
Cap Height: 8 mm – 22 mm
Power Supply 380 V/ 60 HZ/ 3 PH
Power Consumption 9,000 VA (About 25 A)
Air Pressure 6 bar / Minimum 87 psi
Air Consumption 800 NLit/min (28 CFM)
Consumption Machine Dimensions L.3700 (Including conveyor) x W.2753 (Including vibrator) x H.2200 (mm) (Including tower lamp) L.1515 x W.1465 x H.1900 (mm) (Does not include conveyor)
Net Weight 1150 Kg (Not including vibrator)

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